My name's Michael and I currently have an ad on your site for guitar tuition.You need to be aware of another scam being carried out via your site.Just like the one reported on your site regarding sending funds back to someone there is someone booking guitar tuition under the same arrangement.Luckily I'm not stupid and spotted the scam from the first e-mail as the size of the font was larger than any e-mail I'd ever seen and this alerted me instantly.

A woman supposedly called Katerine Lissal from Portugal will e-mail seeking guitar tuition for her daughter for 4 hours a day, 5 hours per week for three weeks.She will also ask you to purchase instruments and materials and let her know what the total bill will be and she will forward you a check before her daughter arrives in the UK.
She then wants to send you a check for more than the bill and asks you to send the difference to a third party,in this case the relocation agent handling her daughters arrangements.
Hope no one using your site has fallen for this.Please alert users to be on the look out for mail from: "lynn karlen"



Re the entry by the guitar teacher Michael on your web site, I have also been contacted by a person looking for music lessons for his son, who is due to arrive in the UK from abroad in the near future. He wished to deposit a £6,000 cheque with me and I was then to send the difference between the cost of the music lessons and the £6,000 to his 'insurance travel agent' so that they could get the money sent back to them, which would allow them to travel to the UK!
The email address given was


E-mail Was Recieved by Gavin McCloy, regarding piano and guitar tuition,
The Suspicious E-mail was received from a Mrs Susan Johnson.
Users BEWARE of any e-mails received by this e-mail.
Dear Gavin McCloy,
    Thank you so much for your reply.i agreed with your total teaching charges and the times and schedules,your total tution price is even lower than the price my agent collected from me not knowing that it is even cheaper and thanks to God that my children will be teaching by you... So,doing 2hrs(£50) for 2 days in a week for 6 weeks for 2 students - totalling £1200.00. I will want you to assure me that you are going to take proper care of teaching them because i have ready to pay all the expenses for the lessons.
i am paying through my agent please bear with me. I  have contacted my agent that he should make all my money available in payment of the lesson i given to him.He assured me he would make the payments by UK cheque available. I will instruct him to get the cheque across to you soon ... I will be expecting your email as soon as you receive the cheque and also i want you to give me your full name,full contact address and telephone number both home and office so that i can forward that to my agent to have the UK cheque send to you...And i want this transaction to be transparency and i will like you to be truthfull to me and i pray that we finish this transaction happily and travel my children to you location for the lessons....
I look forward to hear back from you.